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🔊 Spinal nerves

A complete review of spinal anatomy and back pain, including the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots, with a look at herniated discs and pinched nerves....

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🔊 Neurology - Spinal Cord Introduction

8 cervical (c1-c8) nerves emerge from the cervical spine; cervical means of the neck (there are 8 cervical nerves, but only 7 cervical vertebra)...

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🔊 Spinal Nerves

Spinal nerves anatomy there are 31 pairs of spinal nerves, and the each is created by the unification of the anterior and posterior spinal root....

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🔊 Spinal Cord - External Anatomy - 3D Anatomy Tutorial

The spinal cord is a tube-like structure filled with a bundle of nerves and cerebrospinal fluid, which protects and nourishes the cord. other protectors of the spinal...

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🔊 Nerves 3- Spinal Nerves

9 spinal nerves • the 31 pairs of spinal nerves are named according to the region of the spinal cord from which they emerge – 8 pairs of cervical nerves...

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